5 tips for creating amazing photographs.


This article by Design Mom sparked this post.

I have found that the clients that talk to me about creating their dream session are

a. The most satisfied.

b. The most fun to work with.

Dont get me wrong I love creating my own sessions, but when the my client puts in their input – it makes that session so much more YOU!

Here are my 4 5 tips for family portraits:

1.  Find a photographer who’s style you love.  Photography is a medium that many people explore.

Just like you cannot befriend every person, you may not “click” with every photographer.
Once you do – it will be magic!

2. Save for your session.  Realize that this is an investment.

3. Contact me or them with any ideas you have and figure out the logistics of making your dream a reality.

4. Once you have planned your shoot – relax and trust your photographer to get the best photographs and capture the amazing connections your family has .

5. Get some prints/canvaces.  You are creating artwork with your loved ones as the subject.

I will be happy to look at your space and suggest an awesome combination.

It’d be a shame to Not fill you home with the amazing memories you have just created.

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